Calibration Suggestions

In order to properly view the images on this (or any) site, it's important that your monitor be carefully calibrated.

The following general instructions are for those using Adobe Photoshop on a Macintosh:

1) Make sure that the Gamma Utility is installed in the System/Control Panels folder.
The Gamma utility can be found in the Goodies/Calibration folder.

2) Use the General Controls control panel to set your desktop pattern to neutral gray.

3) Adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor to your preferred setting.

4) Open the Gamma control panel and set the Target Gamma to 1.8.
(Make sure that the Black Point, White Point and Balance settings are set to 0, 255 and 0 respectively).

5) Move the Gamma Adjustment slider until the bars are as close to matching as you can get them. (Squinting can help with this step).

6) Adjust the White Point sliders until the white is clean and without a color cast.

7) Adjust the Color Balance sliders until the grey is neutral.

8) Adjust the Black Point Sliders until the black sections of the greyscale wedge are neutral.

9) Make sure that the "On" button is selected.

10) Close the Gamma control panel.