Curator's Statement

What follows on this site are a small collection of images from Julio Mitchel’s remarkable project titled: South of the Border. Consisting of more than 70 photographs, South of the Border is the result of Julio’s travels and work in Peru,Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua beginning in the mid 1980’s and continuing until the present.

To call this a “documentary” photographic project begs the question of what exactly is being recorded? While it’s true that Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine and the Farm Security Administration photographers had specific objectives when they began their historic photo projects, could it really be said that Robert Frank was “documenting” anything other than his insights and impressions when he began “The Americans” in 1955?

So, given the range of countries and classes and themes evoked by this project I know that Julio would prefer that you draw your own conclusions about what it all can mean.

More of Julio Mitchel’s work can be seen at:

His goal is the publication of this work in a major book.

Chris Johnson

Created and Curated by Chris Johnson

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